Hi, I'm Sariah Sizemore

Empowerment Professional

I'm passionate about supporting the process of deep human embodiment and transformation.
In group and one-on-one settings, I’m here to know you better, explore, collaborate, create, and have fun!
In this space of play, trust, and love, your vision becomes reality.

My Work

Our bodies are brilliant and full of wisdom. In this accelerated time, as we are bombarded with information and stimulus, we must come back to this supreme intelligence.

As we balance our natural rhythms with technological advancement and the pressure of a changing world, we become more attuned to the power and resources that live within us.

The tree of my work is rooted in Empowerment. Embodiment is the trunk. Let’s grow together.

My Clients

Sariah sends love to these people:

Working with Sariah has helped me make HUGE gains in my overall life satisfaction, career, finances, and marriage. I believe that no matter what you'd like to change about your life, working with Sariah in the healthy, positive environment she provides, you'll be empowered to make real and lasting changes to your life, even ones you never thought were possible. If you're serious about living the life you want, you should definitely give it a go! I think you'll be amazed! - AW

As my first introduction to Kundalini Yoga and wellness coaching, my session with Sariah was incredible. She listened at length to discover my needs and intentions. After an hour of gentle stretching, breathing, and incredible sound scapes, I felt clear and alive. Sariah is confident and caring--the kind of mixture that makes for a practitioner I will visit again soon. - JW

When I learned about the possibility of a personal retreat with Sariah, I was instantly intrigued. We had a wonderful Skype session and connected right away. Since I am on the east coast, I immediately rented a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom house in Stinson Beach, CA, which gave us an inspiring setting. We spent 3 days working on very specific goals determined by me: Kundalini yoga practice, meditation and breathing techniques, creating a more healthy relationship to food and eating, and embracing aging. (I am 66). Sariah brought a wealth of skills and wisdom to our work and play together. We tackled my goals as well as exploring other areas of growth and healing I never expected!
I have wasted tons of time and money on books, courses, yoga classes, gyms, diets, lectures, spas etc. This intense 3 day retreat was such a different, compact way to begin specific self- work. We formed a great foundation for our ongoing Skype private yoga and coaching sessions where I am really able to embrace my ‘Silver Sage Self’. I highly recommend doing a personal retreat with Sariah! - SH

Working with Sariah has helped me to understand some angles of my subconscious mind and habits that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. As a result, I feel that my perspective on the world is gradually changing and aligning with things that are suited to me: in the home, at work and with relationships. Sariahs approach is patient and kind and it's been a delight to work with her. - MM

Most of us live in a fast pace environment balancing work, family, relationships, and very rarely do we spend time on ourselves. Through Sariah’s approach I have managed to overcome extremely difficult conflicts at work. I have also learned a lot about myself and have found a more compassionate approach to dealing with difficult situations either personal or professional. Sariah’s approach to yoga and life coaching provides a very rewarding and soul soothing experience. I have found the combination of meditation, yoga and life coaching excellent for balancing the challenges of modern day living!
I highly recommend Sariah’s life coaching/counseling. You will find in Sariah a very compassionate human being with a very humble approach, yet very effective. - GA


I believe that all people have the right and ability to experience true happiness and the fulfillment of a rich, rewarding, and purposeful life. Holistic well-being and overall awesomeness are important to me.

At the age of 18, I got my first tech job at a local software company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This lead me to a 16 year career as a tech professional in the Bay Area. To manage the stress and pressure of my job, I found yoga. From yoga I found fitness and coaching. Suddenly my passion for analyzing and supporting software shifted to people. I love people.

I combine a unique mix of rich life experience, extensive background in business and tech, and over 9 years of teaching groups and one-on-one, to create tailored programs that empower a variety of individuals and organizations. Want to know more?

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